Terms of Service of ENJOY AGRICULTURE website

Article 1 – Presentation of Project

The Enjoy Agriculture company, based at Impact Dakar, Dakar-Villa 18 bis cité Africa, Ouakam, registered to the RCCM, with SN number DK 2019 B 9449 ; Ninea : 007291040 proposes to put clients interested in alternative tourism experiences in contact with professionals in the fields of transportation and accommodation and professionals in all other sectors (artisans, agriculturalists, producers of local products …) who desire to share their knowledge, skills, and passions.

Using the website http://enjoyagriculture.com/, Enjoy Agriculture provides necessary information regarding their partners:

  • partners providing temporary accommodations (hotels, apartments, villas, lodges, camps, holiday rentals, guest houses, collectively known as “lodging”),
  • transportation companies (taxis, VTC, vehicle rentals …) etc ,
  • persons or structures working in the craft, agriculture, and transformation of local product industries, or all industries connected to the valorization of local skills and knowledge

On our website, the user can access information regarding the characteristics of each partner organization, the contents of the service rendered or of the activities offered by the partner organization, and the pricing and fees or the benefits proposed by the partner organization.

The website http://enjoyagriculture.com/ is hosted by WpEngine, https://wpengine.com/platform/, which assures the respect of the rights and obligations imposed by le RGPD : https://wpengine.com/support/gdpr-compliance/

The website host notably assures a total FireWall protection, with Backup Points every day at 6 am.

The partners have access to a portal via an intermediary, by which they can manage and take responsibility for the information about the services they offer: accommodation; flights and trips, including the fees and availability;  the contents of their proposed activities; the modes of transport offered; and the conditions of use of each service.

As such, while we try to assure that all information on our website is up to date at all times, we cannot guarantee exactitude, and we therefore cannot be held responsible for any inexact information or undelivered and/or poorly delivered service.

We also cannot be held responsible for any interruption, breakdown, repair, update or maintenance of our website that may not permit the user to access, punctually or definitively the platform.

While our partners have been chosen with care, our website is not and should not be considered a recommendation of the quality, value, level of service, or evaluation of service offered by the partner organizations.

All questions regarding accommodations, transportation, or activities is the responsibility of the partner (transport company, hotel, travel company, or other partner …).

Article 2 – Duration

These Terms of Service (hereafter the “TOS”) are concluded for an indeterminate duration. They are permanently accessible on the website http://enjoyagriculture.com/.

Article 3 : Conditions of access and use

The User can permanently access the services offered on the platform http://enjoyagriculture.com/. When, for the first time, the user makes a purchase, he must provide the following personal information: first name, last name, email address, phone number, date of birth and place of residence. This information is necessary in order to secure the proposed services.

The User can access the site http://enjoyagriculture.com/ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in cases of force majeur or events beyond the control of the Enjoy Agriculture company, and subject to any eventual technical failure and/or necessary updates and site maintenance. The Users are informed that the use of the site may be suspended without advance notice for maintenance operations and update of site information.

Article 4 –Responsibilities of Enjoy Agriculture

All the data, images, and information communicated on the site http://enjoyagriculture.com/ is provided by the partner organizations.

Enjoy Agriculture works to verify as much as possible the veracity of the information but cannot be held responsible for modifications or updates that were not communicated by the partner organization.

The User assumes full responsibility of his use of the website. In particular,, Enjoy Agriculture is not obliged to  guarantee access to the internet, nor the risks associated with the materials used to access the internet, or the absence of anti-virus software on these materials …

If Enjoy Agriculture selects its partners according to criteria that it sets, this cannot be likened to a recommendation or a value judgement imposed on its Users.

By making a reservation on http://enjoyagriculture.com/, the User makes a legally binding agreement with the partner organization. Enjoy Agriculture acts only as an intermediary to facilitate the booking, eventually helping the User benefit from advantageous pricing.

The terms of payment are described below (Remuneration).

5. Evidence Convention

The User recognizes that the computerized records kept in the electronic file processing servers of Enjoy Agriculture will be considered evidence of the exchanges and communication between the User and the administrator of Enjoy Agriculture.

The User acknowledges and accepts that, following authentication, any expression of intent through the use of the features offered on the Enjoy Agriculture website constitutes the validation of his commitments and characterizes the proof of consent within the meaning of the provisions in force.

Registration by the User or Administrator, the storage, and the archiving of data, may be used as evidence, without prejudice to the respect and professional secrecy and confidentiality of the data.

6  Remuneration

The use of the website for gathering information and ordering is entirely free for the User.

When the user selects a service, he can place an order. He receives the information necessary to make a pre-booking and proceeds to registration and online payment. The amount therein corresponds to the amount of the service offered by the platform. Enjoy Agriculture transmits the pre-booking information to the provider who confirms or not the availability of the service. The confirmation by the provider is communicated within the 24 hours following the pre-booking. As soon as the availability of the service is confirmed, the booking is confirmed with the client user. At the moment, the amount due to Enjoy Agriculture is collected.

The amount due to the reservation service is paid directly to the service provider.

7. Protection of Personal Information

Enjoy Agriculture processes personal data in accordance with Law No. 2008-12 on the Protection of Personal Data. This agreement is understood as the transparent collection of personal data necessary for the operation of the connection services provided by the site.

Based on the actions that you take on the Platform, we will ask you for information that we will use to implement the data processing identified below:

The information collected and processed by Enjoy Agriculture may include:

  • first name, last name
  • mailing address
  • telephone number
  • birth date
  • current address
  • banking information

As the Data Collector, it is the responsibility of the company Enjoy Agriculture to collect and process personal information.

We collect your personal data in order to accomplish the following goals:

  • Establish relationship between Service Provider and Client
  • Provide a service by which Clients can provide comments and offer their opinion on services
  • Ensure Client satisfaction
  • Manage advice and comments from Clients and Providers
  • Publish news and announcements

Transmission of data to third parties:

The company “Enjoy Agriculture” may transmit your data to the Service Providers so that they may provide the booked service. The Service Providers are responsible for their own data processing and management. For more information concerning a Service Provider’s data processing and management, please contact the provider directly.

As the data is housed in a server located outside of the country, the data will be transferred to the service providers with the highest level of security.

The data will be stored for 10 years, and then destroyed or archived depending on the data.

The security of this data and the conditions of storage are subject to the general conditions of the server, which has an SSL certificate.

In accordance with the provisions of the law on the protection of personal data, Users have the right to information, access, opposition, rectification and deletion of their personal data and data concerning them. To exercise these rights, please write to: contact@enjoyagriculture.com.

8. Intellectual Property Rights

Unless otherwise indicated, the technology and software required for our website or used by our website, as well as the intellectual property rights of the content, the information, and the material on our website, are the exclusive property of Enjoy Agriculture, its parent companies and partners. http://enjoyagriculture.com/ reserves all the rights, titles, and interests relative to all intellectual property rights, appearance, and infrastructure of the website. The intellectual property rights include all commentary left by the guests, the original content, and the translated content. You are not authorized to copy, integrate, combine, or otherwise use the content on this website without our express and written authorization. In the case that you may otherwise own content or guest comment, you cede, transfer, and place all these intellectual property rights to http://enjoyagriculture.com/. Any and all illicit use of this content constitutes a material violation of our intellectual property rights (including our copyright and database rights).

9. Termination

Each user accepts that Enjoy Agriculture may suspend their access to the Enjoy Agriculture services without forewarning, formal notice, or compensation of any kind, in the event of failure to comply with any of the obligations described in these TOS or with the legislation in force,  in particular:

  • any infraction or violation of the TOS ;
  • non-compliance with a legal or regulatory provision in force ;
  • an unauthorized login attempt, through the fraudulent use of the system or through the use of access codes ;
  • a technical malfunction that led to the user’s registration being disabled in error.

All users can terminate their personal account on the  http://enjoyagriculture.com/ site by contacting the following email address: contact@enjoyagriculture.com.

9. Invalidity or Partial Invalidity

If any of the provisions of the TOS were found to be invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of that provision would not affect the validity of the other provisions of this Agreement.

10. Applicable Law

These TOS are subject to Senegalese law. In the absence of an amicable settlement, any dispute relating to the use of the website http://enjoyagriculture.com/ will be submitted to the Senegalese courts.