Learn to make delicious jams

Are you eager to learn more about the season fruits of the Sine Saloum region, and to learn how these fruits are used in traditional cuisine? In this workshop, you have the chance to spend a few hours in the workshop of a women’s organization located in the village of Djilor, birthplace of Senegal’s first president, Leopold Sedar Senghor. You’ll learn how local fruits have been traditionally transformed into tasty jams and marmalades, which are sold to bring economic revenue to the women’s organization. This organization uses no colorants, thickeners, conservatives, or other additives, guaranteeing a final product with a genuine and intense flavor. At the end of the workshop, you’ll be able to taste the product that you helped prepare. Be sure to take notes, so you can bring the tips and tricks you learn from the women of Djilor – and the delicious jams that you’ll prepare –  back to your friends and family at home!  

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The price of this activity does not include transportation, flights, meals, or accomodations. Enjoy Agriculture is committed to promoting local products. We encourage our local partners to sell their farm produce to our clients; you will be able to purchase various traditional delicacies directly from the producers following your experience! 

When: year-round

Where: Djilor 

Languages: French, English, Wolof 

Included: Tastings of the final product, translation in English

What you’ll learn: How to use local fruit to prepare jams and marmalades

Duration: 4 hours

Why it’s unique: Learning experience with the women of the village of Djilor 

Accommodation: it is possible to book a stay in a nearby guest-house

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How to get there:

The village of Djilor is located about 3 hours from Dakar. 

If you prefer “DIY” travel, we recommend you take public transporation (sept-place or bus) from the Beaux Maraichers bus station; there are cars that travel from Dakar directly to Joal Fadiouth. From Joal Fadiouth, you will have to take another car or private taxi to reach the final destination. The price should not be above 6000 CFA. 

You may also choose to take a private taxi, seeing as with public transportation there are various stops and changes and no fixed departure times; there is a risk that it may take up to a half-day or longer to arrive at your final destination. The cost of a private taxi directly from Dakar to Djilor should be between 30,000 – 40,000 FCFA. 

Alternatively, there are Senegal Dem Dik buses that depart from Dakar and will bring your directly to Mbour. In Mbour, you will have to find another car or bus to take you onto your final destination. 



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