Experiment with cooking Senegalese fusion cuisine

Do you love mixing diverse culinary styles and experimenting with foreign flavors and recipes? If you are a self-identified “foodie,” this unique opportunity to spend the day with a renowned local chef known for his inspired recreations of local dishes might be for you!
During the workshop, you’ll follow the meticulous descriptions of the recipes and procedures, and then try your hand at preparation, contributing to the preparation of a delicious and creative meal inspired by the traditions of African and French cuisine. The dishes, with either a meat or fish base, will all be prepared using local and organic ingredients from the region, including grains, vegetables, legumes, and seasonal fruit. At the end of this enriching and fun experience, you will be able to taste the dish that the chef and cooking team has taught you to prepare! The experience will take place in a kitchen lab that is immersed in nature, with a breathtaking view on the river that borders the village of Djilor, birthplace of the poet and first president of Senegal, Leopold Sedar Senghor. We hope you enjoy!

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The price of this activity does not include transportation, flights, meals, or accomodations.

Enjoy Agriculture is committed to promoting local products. We encourage our local partners to sell their farm produce to our clients; you will be able to purchase various traditional delicacies directly from the producers following your experience!

When: Year-round

Where: Djilor 

Languages: French, English, Wolof 

Included: Lunch with the team of the host organization 

What you’ll learn: How to prepare a traditional dish with a local chef 

Duration: 4 hours

Why it’s unique: Learn to prepare innovate takes on local dishes with a renowned local chef 

Accommodation: It is possible to book a stay with the host organization

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How to get to Djilor:

If you prefer “DIY” travel, you may take public transportation (sept-place or bus) from Dakar’s Beaux Maraichers bus station.
The village of Djilor is located 3 hours south of Dakar. We recommend hiring a private taxi; by public bus or car, you will need to make various stopovers and changes, and there are no fixed timetables for departure. You may lose an entire day in transit. Alternatively, the bus company Dakar Dem Dik also offers passage to the Sine Saloum region from Dakar.



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