Prepare a homemade insecticide from Neem leaves and other all-natural products

Have you ever been curious to know how all-natural insecticides are made? Perhaps you have plants in your home or garden, or perhaps you are already practicing large-scale agriculture and you are searching for a way to keep your plants safe from insects without using chemical products? We have the solution for you! 

In this workshop, we offer you the chance to explore the principles of permaculture alongside young Senegalese farmers. This workshop, which includes both a theoretical and practical component, takes place in a small farm dedicated to training, educating, and experimenting with techniques and practices of agroecology, promoting agriculture that is both environmentally and economically sustainable in the region of Toubab Dialaw. The farm is committed to local skills development, and regularly offers offers capacity-building programming for the local community; today, their farmland is available to about one hundred local women who have been trained in sustainable agriculture and who are now engaged in the production and sale of their own organic produce. 

Under the guidance of an expert, you will learn some of the techniques used to prepare all-natural insecticides using Neem (a local plant) and other plants available in the region. At the end of the workshop, you’ll be able to bring what you’ve learned home to your own gardens and farms, using locally-available plants and ingredients to care for your plants in a way that is natural and ecologically friendly!

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The price of this activity does not include transportation, flights, meals, or accomodations.

Enjoy Agriculture is committed to promoting local products. We encourage our local partners to sell their farm produce to our clients; you will be able to purchase various traditional delicacies directly from the producers following your experience!

When: Year-round

Where: Toubab Dialaw

Languages: French, English, Wolof

Included: Guide / facilitator, translator

What you’ll learn: Techniques used to prepare all-natural insecticides

Why it’s unique: Use plants available in your own environment 

Duration: 5-6 hours

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How to get there:

To reach Toubab Dialaw, you may take a private taxi from Dakar. A private car typically costs about 20,000 FCFA, after bargaining. You may also choose to take public transportation such as sept-place cars or shared taxis, for 2000 FCFA per person. Alternatively, there are buses that depart from the Baux Maraichers bus station in Dakar, for 1000 FCFA per person, after bargaining. 

If you are departing from Mbour, you can travel by private taxi for 15,000 FCFA, or by shared taxi for 20000 FCFA per person. You may also take the bus, which departs from the Mbour bus station / garage, for 1500 FCFA per person. 

Senegal’s climate is tropical. In the north, there is a long dry season running from mid-October to mid-June, followed by the rainy season from mid-June through October. In the south, the rainy season is a bit longer, running from mid-May to November, followed by the dry season from November to mid-May. 



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