Learn traditional ways of preparing local grains

If you’re excited to have an outside-of-the-box activity in central Dakar, to taste delicious local cuisine, and to discover Senegalese women’s myriad talents in preparing dishes with local grains and flours, this activity might be for you!

Run by a group of local women who are all members of a network of professional organizations working in the food industry, this unique experience offers you the chance to work side by side with Senegalese female entrepreneurs. Their network that we’ve partnered with to offer this workshop is committed to supporting small and micro-entrepreneurship, and through this experience, you’ll have the chance to learn more and support these women’s small businesses, along the way discovering different processes for preparing local grains such as millet, fonio, and corn. You’ll also discover – and put into practice! – the traditional techniques used by women to mill, turn, sift, and shape the grains into their final shapes, sizes, and forms, producing the varied textures and flavors of arraw, thiakry, and couscous. These are the foundations of most of the dishes used in traditional ceremonies or festive meals. At the end of the activity, you’ll be able to taste the fruits of your labor, accompanied by a tasty sauce and varied condiments prepared with local ingredients by the workshop facilitators. 

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Il costo dell’attività non include i trasporti, i voli, i pasti e il pernottamento. E’ possibile tuttavia decidere di pranzare presso il centro Satang Diabang, che propone dei piatti tradizionali preparati con i prodotti biologici coltivati all’interno del giardino botanico. Il prezzo per persona varia dai 1500FCFA ai 2.500FCFA. Se si desidera pranzare è importante comunicarlo in tempo.

When: Every day, beginning at 8 am 

Where:  Guediewaye neighborhood, Dakar 

Language: French, Wolof 

Included: tastings of dishes prepared with grains processed during the workshop 

Duration: 3h, maximum 5 people

What you’ll learn: Traditional techniques for preparing local grains and cereals 

Why it’s unique: Traditional activity with local women

Accomodation: This organization does not offer accomodation 

Enjoy Agriculture is committed to promoting local products. We encourage our local partners to sell their farm produce to our clients; you will be able to purchase various traditional delicacies directly from the producers following your experience!

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How to get there:

To reach the Guediewaye neighborhood, you can take a private taxi from downtown Dakar for 3500 FCFA.

Senegal’s climate is tropical. In the north, there is a long dry season running from mid-October to mid-June, followed by the rainy season from mid-June through October. In the south, the rainy season is a bit longer, running from mid-May to November, followed by the dry season from November to mid-May. 



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